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Ocean Associates, Inc.
4007 N. Abingdon Street
Arlington, Virginia USA 22207

Your privacy is important to us, email addresses are never sold or shared.

Interested subcontractor and consultants please contact Kelly Murray, Director of Business Development, at .

For specific program questions, please contact the following HQ staff or Project Managers listed below:



Ms. Kristin L. Vehrs -

Dr. John T. Everett -

Mr. Peter A. Milone -
Director of Operations

Ms. Paula H. Rivera -
Director of Finance

Ms. Juleen Savarese -
Director of Human Resources
General Counsel

Ms. Susan Linhares -
Director of Marketing

Ms. Kelly Murray -
Director of Business Development

Ms. Mary Means Odum -
Director of Science Programs

Ms. Nancy Hooper -
Human Resources Assistant

Ms. Laura Saunders -
Contract Specialist

Mr. Paul Crow -
Program & Recruitment Assistant


Project Managers

Dr Robert Brock -
Project Manager: Northeast Region

Dr. Tracy Collier -
Project Manager: Alaska, Washington, Northern California, NOAA and at large

Capt. Michele Finn -
Project Manager: Southeastern U.S. and at large

Dr. Dan Grosse -
Project Manager: Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and at large

Mr. Robert Henry -
Project Manager: Information Technology

Ms. Judy Lemos -
Project Manager: Hawaii

Mr. Bruce Morehead -
Project Manager: Maryland, Virginia, Washington D. C. and NOAA

Mr. Matt Morris -
Project Manager: Oregon, Southern California, Hawaii, NOAA and at large

Ms. Susan Linhares -
Project Manager: Northeast Region

Dr. Michael Uhart -
Project Manager: NOAA Weather and Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

OAI is licensed in 15 states and also works in other countries and territories.