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OAI provides professional consulting services to government organizations, the private sector, academia, and UN agencies. OAI experts have carried out ocean and fisheries projects throughout the world. Our experts couple diverse work experiences as scientists and senior managers with exceptional educational backgrounds and contacts throughout the United States and world-wide.

Teams of OAI Associates and affiliates can be fielded quickly, anywhere, to do analyses, plans, evaluations, and technical reports on -
      • Commercial and Recreational fisheries
      • Fisheries and wildlife conservation
      • Aquaculture - freshwater and marine
      • Issues in aquatic ecosystems
      • Ocean issues, remote sensing, and oceanography
      • Marine fisheries research and management
      • Fisheries in developing nations - research, development, and management
      • Climate change impacts on freshwater and marine systems and fisheries
      • Planning and evaluation of Environmental Projects
      • Research vessels and facilities





























Dr. John T. Everett -
Responsible for corporate infrastructure such as taxes, insurance, licenses, and contractual obligations and new business development.
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Peter A. Milone -
Director of Operations
Responsible for oversight of all operations and management, including invoices.
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Paula H. Rivera, CPA -
Director of Finance
Responsible for all financial matters, state registrations, licensing and reporting, assisting in general management.

Juleen Savarese -
Director of Human Resources
General Counsel
Responsible for personnel policy; hiring; administration matters; personnel insurances; and legal issues.

Mary Means -
Director of Science Programs
Responsible for OAI science research; provision of scientific review of documents produced by employees and sub-contractors; as well as program assistance and helping run and grow the company.

Kelly Murray
Director of Business Development
Special Projects Manager
GSA Contracting

Susan Linhares -
Director of Work Authorizations (I-9 and E-Verify)
Executive Assistant
Responsible for I-9 compliance, website design, maintenance, and promotion; marketing; recruitment; assistance with hiring processes; and scientific support.
Co-owner of Linhares Excavating & Trucking, LLC

Nancy Hooper
Human Resources Assistant

Francis Vaughan
Miscellaneous Projects Assistant

Regional Project Managers

Project Manager Duties:

Dr. Michael Laurs -
Project Manager: Northern California, Oregon, Washington
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Dr. Tracy Collier -
Project Manager: Alaska, Washington and at large
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Mr. Ken Cooley -
Project Manager: Southern California
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Mr. Bruce Morehead -
Project Manager: Washington D.C.
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Dr. Dan Grosse -
Project Manager: Washington D.C. and at large
Assistant Project Manager for all areas
Special Project Coordinator
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Ms. Susan Linhares -
Project Manager: Northeast Region

Mr. Matt Morris -
Project Manager: Oregon and at large